Clouds Above the River (by Evgeni Dinev)

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i would never leave this bed


I just imagine making that into a giant nest of warm blankets and watching rain fall down on the roof

what if you woke up one morning and a dude was laying flat on the window staring down at you

There are two kinds of people

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Michał Karcz

These are awesome!

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A spectacular view of Geiranger fjord, Norway.

Photograph by Andrea Albertino

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Catch Me, I’m Falling

Sometimes I’m so afraid of being alone, usually at the exact moment that I want to be alone the most. It’s funny, really, how fickle the mind is. Mine has been churning and swirling so much lately that I hardly know what to think. It’s like going outside on a cold winter’s night, gazing up at the stars and spinning in circles until you’re positive that you’re going to fall over. You enjoy the rush, the crisp night air and the beautiful view, but that fall is inevitable and the only real question at hand is whether there will be someone there to catch and steady you, or whether you’re going to hit the ground hard. Part of me wants to fall simply for the sake of falling; then again, how much is it going to hurt when I hit that blacktop beneath me? All of this brings about another feeling: vulnerability. Most people (or at least the people I know) have no qualms about admitting that they wish for strong and/or loving arms to fall into. The fact that I wish for those arms at times like these is something I both cherish and am ashamed to admit. I’ve always prided myself on being independent, being strong and loving myself for who I am. And I feel, somewhere deep within me, that I’m incapable of letting myself fall head over heels for another person. So instead I spin faster and faster, stumbling occasionally and yet determined to never take my eyes off of the sky because if I do, if I stop spinning, the rest of the world will go on spinning without me. I’m afraid; I’m afraid of standing still in a world that’s constantly spinning. I’m afraid of falling into the arms of another, and afraid of disappointing the people important to me, of not being good enough. I am petrified of one of the most important aspects of life, and terrified of leaving this world without having truly lived at all. So where does that leave me?

It leaves me here, pouring out my feelings into a Word document at nearly three in the morning and half ashamed that I’m even typing this in the first place. After all, I’m so blessed. I have a life to live, people I love, and I see the beauty everywhere. If only those things could keep the weaknesses away, the loneliness and the fear of getting too close to anyone. I guess these are all things that make me truly human. After all, we are all weak. I am not better, stronger, or any less ordinary than every single living thing on this planet. Weakness is a part of living, a fact that should be accepted. I suppose that’s why I write these little notes; I need to face my weaknesses and demons. I need to learn that they are just a part of me, and that is nothing to be ashamed of. Am I still ashamed? Of course I am. Being human is complicated. Things don’t change so easily. So this is me attempting to accept my humanity. Perhaps now, whenever I’m rejoicing under that immense, deep sky, I’ll remember. Maybe now, whenever I’m spinning too fast and I can’t seem to stop, I’ll accept my weaknesses just a little bit more. Maybe, one day, I’ll just let myself fall.

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I’ve found a change within myself.

I don’t know when it happened,

or how,

but I suddenly find that…


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"So let us recognize our shame and guilt; let us ache with self-reflection; let us eradicate the repetition of suffering and resist anger; let us learn to concretely tend to the suffering of an individual, of our common citizens, with equality; let us learn how to live life with honor and dignity and a wealth of humanity."

— Liu Xiaobo, from the author’s introduction in June Fourth Elegies, trans. Jeffrey Yang
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"She was beautiful, but she was beautiful in the way a forest fire was beautiful."

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#actors who are actually their character

have i mentioned that when the second director asked them to turn in summaries of how their character feels, emma turned in a five-page paper, dan turned in a short summary and rupert never turned anything in?

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My Endless List of Favorite Harry & Hermione Moments”Look, Harry, it’s Hermione!”

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